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Bazzle Baby specializes in making products with the boutique style and quality you expect, but at prices you'll really appreciate!

* 100% Cotton
* Contain no toxic ingredients or dyes.

Our signature product, the BandaBib is the Perfect Solution for the Dribbly Baby!
It is uniquely designed in a fashionable bandana style to fit close to the neck, keeping your baby dry and happy.
The Bandabib is certainly the coolest drool bib you will ever find!

* Bazzle Baby Big Bibs are our twist on the traditional baby bib.
We've squared off the edges to provide great coverage and absorbency that your little one will need!

* Bazzle Baby Burpers aren't just your moms burp cloths....nope you will find this soft, absorbent cloth looks fabulous and works even better.
Burpers can be your babies cuddly or your best friend, soaking up messes that might come your way!

Baby / Toddler Bibs,Burp Cloths,Unique Baby Gift Sets-Boutique Style,Funky Designer Prints

Do you want to give unique baby gifts?
Give BandaBibs, Big Bibs, Burpers or one of our fabulous gift sets.
At Bazzle Baby we have pledged to provide you with the boutique style and quality you expect, but at a price you will really appreciate!

Our Bandabibs, Big Bibs, Burpers & Gift Sets come in custom designer prints.
This unique line of baby essentials & gift ideas combine fashion and function.
Our signature product, the Bandabib offers a stylish and practical solution to some of the issues relating to the teething stage.
This stage often involves lots of dribble and drool that irritates our baby's skin and soaks his clothing.
Bandabibs were designed to remedy this by catching the dribble before it reaches the clothing or skin.
They will protect your baby's skin from getting wet� plus, your baby clothes will be a lot cooler when you outfit your hip babe in a BandaBib.

The Big Bib is a stylish and absorbent feeding bib and provides full coverage for your new little eater...the toddler! Our Burpers coordinate with Banda Bibs and Big Bibs and have multiple purposes from the traditional burp cloth to a changing pad.

The Bazzle Baby range of funky baby bibs, unique baby shower gifts, cool baby gifts and baby accessories will have everyone asking "where did you get that?"
You'll find Bazzle Baby items are stylish, as well as functional baby gifts.
Hip moms will love our baby and toddler gifts that range from traditional pinks and blues to camo, zebra, cherries, and flames.
They are custom designed and hand sewn.

Our Camo baby bibs are very popular as are the sushi baby bibs and funkie baby bibs that can have vintage baby style or cowboy style.
So, if you need baby presents or baby shower gifts look to us for camo baby bibs, sushi bibs, bandana bibs and of course our vintage baby or retro baby looks.
You'll also find we have vintage baby styles such as our Cherry baby bibs and vintage cherry burp cloths as well as argyle and many more.

materials Promotion offer: Big Bib , Bandabib Bib , Burper ,
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